Growing up in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, I have always loved light and bright spaces! When moving in my own apartment, I struggled finding the perfect window curtains for my living room, as I wanted to let the light in! At the same time, I wanted to have my privacy and I was looking for something unique that would complement and elevate my decor style! After a lot of research, I fell in love with macramé patterns and since already having a Fine Art degree; I decided I was going to make them myself.

These amazed everyone who came at my home and so in the summer of 2015 I first launched Knotsquared in Etsy. I decided this store would provide customers around the world with high quality, handmade macramé curtains, customized for their own specific needs! These can complement your house’s style whether classic, bohemian, industrial, vintage or eclectic!

Today in Knotsquared you can find an assortment of macramé window treatments, wedding backdrops, wall hangings, table runners, textile paintings and even cord supplies for those of you with a more creative spirit!

Each order received is carefully handled from start to finish by myself, making sure it will always reflect my shop’s mission. You can use the website’s contact form for custom orders or any other questions or comments you might have!